Choose life, choose bike.


”In the 1960s and 1970s we enjoyed a healthy and moderate lifestyle and we need to return to this to keep emissions under control.”

– Kevin Anderson, climate scientist

So how do we go back to emissions under control?

Live without a car: 2,3 tonnes of CO2 saved per year.

The most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is to sell your car and choose other modes of transport. The most sustainable energy is your own: bike or walk. Rent a cargo bike through Cykelpoolen for your bigger transport needs.

Not ready to sell your car? Let others borrow it through Sambil. If you absolutely need a car: join Move About, the electric car cooperative.

If you have a long way to work, why not invest in a foldable bicycle that you can combine with public transport? Rent mine and try it out!

More and more people are realizing how our choice to fly rapidly increases global warming. To put these 1,6 tonnes of CO2 in perspective, a return flight across the Atlantic makes three cubic metres of ice melt from the Arctic.

This is me and Estibaliz who I rode with from Bilbao to Madrid.

In 2016 I tried to see if it was possible to use ride-sharing as your main mode of transport and I went to Lisbon and back using almost only the passenger seats of other people’s cars. Of course I had my foldable bike with me! This is me and Estibaliz who I rode with from Bilbao to Madrid. Read more about this trip.

Yes, riding an electric car is better for the environment than a car who runs on millions of year old fossil fuels, but it’s not a fantastic thing for the environment. Car ownership is, in my opinion, the worst thing introduced in the 20th century. It leads to people living in one place and working in another and having to build extensive roads to have this lifestyle ”work”.

Collaborative Economy Gothenburg's board: Martin Bae Pedersen, Robin Olsson and Jonathan Mattebo Persson

I love the internet and how we can use the internet to get access rather than owning everything, access to an electric car, but not owning it, for instance.

In the organization Collaborative Economy Sweden we list the smart alternatives to buying new on The Smart Map. The picture is of the board 2019: Martin Bae Pedersen, Robin Olsson and Jonathan Mattebo Persson.

This is the easiest to do! ETC El is the most sustainable energy provider in Sweden. They invest their earnings and 19 SEK per month of your bill into investing new solar panels. Sign up here and both you and me get 1000 SEK worth of electricity each (Robin Olsson, and 5262145) or just use their usual sign up here.

Cafe Llama Lloyd is completely vegetarian (after a vote) and a lot of the menu is vegan.

So, that’s how you can reduce your emissions as efficiently as possible. As these actions all effect our consumption they’re not being marketed, instead we are being sold the idea of plastic dieting and recycling and other stuff that doesn’t interfere with our consumption. Sure, there’s no reason not to do that too, but these are the most efficient things you can do.

PS. The most efficient thing you can do, is to choose not to have another kid… That is by far more efficient than all of these actions combined, but I’m choosing my battles…