Co-working space Llama Lloyd

Do you want to work in the quiet neighborhood Kville?

Welcome to the personal co-working space where vegan lunch at cafe Llama Lloyd is included!

At the ground level there are a number of flexible spots around a large table.

This is where you want to sit if you want to have an epic art wall as your backdrop on your Zoom calls!

Half a storey up there are three height-adjustable desks, storage and a little kitchen pentry.

Robin is holding a menstrual pad in the toilet below Sara Shakarchi's painting.

In the toilet is an art piece by Sara Shakarchi about menstrual poverty (of course there are free pads and tampons).

1000/500 Mbit super fast internet from Bahnhof.

Specialty coffee from Kafferäven Per Nordby.

There is a coffee station in the co-working space and free batch brew coffee at the cafe across the street, just bring your cup when you want a break!

The natural pause area is the cafe.

Who knows who you’ll end up meeting there, besides me behind the counter!

If you need to pick up a client, you can borrow the tandem bike!

We communicate through Slack, where the music channel is popular!
Since we are an inclusive space we only speak English so everybody understands!

Jakob och Sara i soffan på co-working spacet under Saras verk.

After work is done it happens that we have a beer or two under Sara’s other art work in the couch.

Us who work in the space work with a variety of things, we are a growing community where we help out each other and can look at each other’s work from a new angle. Just like Jane Jacobs, we believe in mixing people!

Fixed height-adjustable desk:
3500 SEK/month.
Excl 25% sales tax.

Flexible spot:
3000 SEK/month.
Excl 25% sales tax.
Flexible spot one day of the week,
for instance Wednesdays: 1000 SEK/month.
Excl 25% sales tax.

Flexible spot.
10 days, valid 1 year.
3500 SEK excl 25% sales tax.
Flexible spot.
5 days, valid 1 year.
2000 SEK excl 25% sales tax.
Flexible spot.
One day.
500 SEK excl 25% sales tax.

Lunch is included the week days the cafe is open.
Vegan and organic.

A lot of people choose to work one day a week here, and maybe you want to know what lunch is normally served that week day? Lunch is served from eleven until three or until it runs out.

Tuesday: lentil soup.
Thursday: pea soup + pancake.
Wednesday: carrot soup.
Friday: corn soup.

Contact me to see the space or just come by the cafe and talk to me!

The warmest welcome!