Co-workingspace Llama Lloyd

Do you wanna work in Kville? Do you think the other co-working spaces are too loud, too busy, too impersonal?

Welcome to personal Llama Lloyd co-working space where lunch is included!

There are three fixed desks and during the pandemic three flexible spots. After the pandemic there will be more flexible spots and then it will also be possible to rent by day, if there’s room.

Prices are 3000 SEK/month for the height adjustable desks a half-storey up and 2500 SEK for a flexible spot downstairs Mon-Fri. If you work part-time you can rent the flexible spots per day and month, for instance Mondays for 800 SEK/month. Prices are excluding sales tax.

  • 1000/500 Mbit super-fast internet connection.
  • Specialty coffee from Kafferäven Per Nordby. There will be a coffee station in the co-working space and free batch brew coffee at the cafe.
  • Vegan, organic lunch Tue-Fri.
  • Close to almost everything! Google maps.
  • Co-workers and a personal atmosphere, I work at the cafe and will help you with what you need to do a good job (maybe guard your phone?)
  • Slack community. Feel free to join us here for free!

My name is Robin Olsson and I run the co-working space, I have since 2015 ran the bike culture cafe Llama Lloyd opposite the co-working space. If you want you can tell me what you plan to get done during the day and if you really wanna make that happen I can guard your time-consuming phone!

You reach me at or 0702009484.

Lunch is included the week days the cafe is open! Vegan, organic and gluten-free (if you skip the bread) so almost everybody can eat it!

The natural place to take a break will be cafe Llama Lloyd. The House Black roasted by one of Sweden’s best coffee roasters, Kafferäven Per Nordby, will be included. And if you want something else to eat from the menu, you have the same discount as anybody who comes by bike: 10% on food and drinks. In the co-working space there’s a coffee station so you can brew your own cup when the cafe is closed.

If you wanna impress your client, pick him/her up with the tandem bike you can borrow!

Join the co-working space Slack if you want to work with us virtually during the pandemic!

Call or email me for a viewing of the space or just come by when the cafe is open and we’ll talk! We can also have a virtual coffee via zoom, just get in touch!