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Grimes likes Papaya and Borscht!

This year’s best album so far is in my opinion Grimes’ Visions. Grimes is a girl from Montréal and she’s performing at our favorite festival Primavera Sound in Barcelona at the end of May. We talked to her a bit, naturally about food. We did this interview together with the brand new Swedish online magazine Mint.

Hi Claire Boucher AKA Grimes, right now, what do you feel like stuffing your mouth with?

I read that you went down a river on a self-built boat, what did you eat on this great adventure? Squirrels?

Are you looking forward to eating anything in particular during the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona? I warmly recommend the pancakes with chocolate at the food court!
Anything with chocolate, haha. I’ve never had Spanish food, so literally anything.

What’s your favorite fruit?

What does your rider look like, is there any food on there, or is there only alcohol?
Haha, no just water.

If you’re inviting someone over for dinner, what do you make them?
I’m a terrible cook, but I try to make things like stir fry if I’m trying to impress someone. Maybe quinoa, veggies.

Do you bake a lot? If so, what?
Haha, never. Sometimes I try to make cookies. The only thing I can successfully bake is cornbread.

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share with us? Maybe a soup?
Fry 3 onions in tons of oil and boil beets in water. Put the onions in the beet water with all the oil, add dill, carrots, potatoes, other veggies, let it stew for a while. Add cinnamon. Serve after like 8 hours with sour cream.

If you’re on tour, what do you miss from back home? Poutine?
I hate poutine haha, but I like the sandwiches at Casa del Popolo. Usually I just eat at home, things that are cheap and easy and in bulk. I don’t know how to cook meat – so generally lentils, potatoes, broccoli, various beans, fruits. Stuff like this. I don’t eat out much.

Grimes live at KEXP.

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  1. […] Grimes (Claire Boucher) släppte tidigt på året skivan Genesis och det blev min mars-platta. Live på Primavera var hon sådär, men det blev ändå en skitkul upplevelse då vår skribent Éric hade med sig en stor röd flagga som symboliserade studentprotesterna i Montréal. Grimes brorsa tog upp den på scen och det var en härlig spelning. Plattan är fortsatt fantastisk och jag ser fram emot ny musik, vilket det verkar som hon grejar med just nu, när hon inte twittrar. Vi pratade om potatis här. […]

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