Patrik Qvist – Zlaten och kapitalet

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Zlaten och kapitalet.
Patrik Qvist visar en svit fotografier ur serien “Wasting Time”. Bilderna är speciellt framtagna för Llama Lloyd och presenteras som digitala fotografier i A3-format. 
Om arbetet med “Wasting Time” (september 2015- löpande):
Meanwhile, I see this little lady walk along the fence. She slows down, stops, then takes a few steps back and looks at my text. She spots me through the chain link and makes her way over.
-Is this your work?, she asks.
-Yes, it is.
-It’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen all week.
-Why, thank you ma’am. That’s very nice to hear.
-You sure it’s your work? I wouldn’t want you to take credit for something you didn’t do. She leans over and peeks into the milk crate at the back of my bike. It is loaded with stacks of plastic cups.
-I guess it is yours, alright.
-What does it mean? What are you sorry about?
-It’s about my relationship to nature.
-Ok. I see. There is one small hitch here.
-What’s that?
-You are basically littering.
-I know.
-I still like it, though.
Info om printarna: Fuji Crystal Archival, upplaga om tre+1AP.
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