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My favorite albums of 2014.

Avi Buffalo Press Photo by Renata Raksha

Here’s my favorite albums of 2014. One song from every album. All brilliant music. Since everything isn’t on Spotify I used Youtube, the Killers Walk Among Us track was only available as a live piece, unfortunately. Besides that everything. That’s more than we can say about Spotify where no 3, Ty Segall, wasn’t available. At least not his last album.

Avi Buffalo – At best cuckold
Mac DeMarco – Salad Days
Ty Segall – Manipulator
Temples – Sun Structures
Alvvays – s/t

Shellac – Dude Incredible
St Vincent – s/t
Angel Olsen – Burn your fire for no witness
Woods – With Light and With Love
White Fence – For the recently found innocent

The Wytches – Annabel Dream Reader
Grouper – Ruins
Luluc – Passerby
Mourn – s/t
Iceage – Plowing into the field of love

Allah-Las – Worship the sun
Alice Boman – EP II & Skisser
Caribou – Our Love
Killers Walk Among Us – s/t
War on Drugs – Lost in the dream

Goat – Commune
Damien Jurado – Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son
Kindness – Otherness
Peggy Sue – Choir of echoes
Ought – More than any other day

Perfect Pussy – s/t
The Growlers – Chines Fountain
Phantogram – Voices
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Give the people what they want
Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather

I’ve interviewed a few of these acts about food! Check them out!
Avi Buffalo
Steve Albini (Shellac)
Alice Boman
Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy)

If you wanna keep track of what I like more often than when I take time to blog about it, check the #llamalloydapproved-hashtag on twitter.

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Avi Buffalo loves burgers. And bacon, obviously.

Avi Buffalo, Pustervik, September 2014. Photo: Robin Olsson.

Recently I got to talk to Avi Zahner-Isenberg of Avi Buffalo and he’s even more of a meat lover than I thought! Stream his latest single Memories of you while you read the interview:

When you’re on your European tour do you bring anything from The States, food-wise?

No, not really. I miss the feeling of cooking at home, though. Whenever I get the chance to cook I try to do that. It’s really therapeutic to cook. We’re gonna stay at our manager’s house in London. She’s a really good Italian chef but I’m gonna make everybody hamburgers. That’s kind of my specialty. I’ve gotten pretty good at making a few different experimental hamburgers so I’m gonna try and introduce that. That will be the California gift, cheese burgers, that’s a big thing out there. There’s even a record label that started out there that’s called Burger Records which is really weird. I don’t listen to most of the stuff that’s on there but yeah, Californian hamburgers are the best.

There’s nothing on your rider either?

Oh, on the rider we just ask for veggies and hummus and pita, just for incidental sandwich making type of stuff and juice, avocados. You know whatever’s around. I like having ginger and honey, with a tea cause that’s good for my voice. That’s what I’m drinking now. It just warms your throat up. Ginger is good for your digestion system. And honey’s good for your throat too.

I don’t know how to phrase this into a question but I was thinking of ”Little pieces of bacon”. It was the only thing I could think of related to food on your first album.

It was this woman I was into, she had little lips and it seemed to make sense to describe them as thin strips of bacon. And there’s a new song on the new album that mentions Cheese Balls.

And cherry pie.

Yeah and cherry pie, too. Those are two equally delicious things. And I’m trying to think of other foods that’s on the new record. Hm. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of food everywhere. I saw the band Cibo Matto the other day, you’d love them. The name means ”Crazy food” in Italian, and a lot of their songs is about food. They have a song called Birthday cake and another called Know your chicken. I saw them live the other day with an amazing guitarist Nels Cline, he’s the main DJ-woman Yuka Honda’s husband. He was just shredding it up while this other woman Miho Hatori raps about food. It’s a big thing for them. They really love food. They’d be a good group to interview if they come through Europe! They’re real food experts.

I had dinner at Yuka and Nels’s house the other night and she made this really really good duck with scallops and fish together with rice, like a paella thing. They’re always posting funny food pics online, #cibomattofood with notes on what’s good here and here all over the world. I use to not take it so seriously but that’s actually really important. I learned that from Nels at a festival Wilco was curating (Nels plays guitar with Wilco) how important it is to eat while on tour, to go find food you enjoy. It’s so enjoyable it’s worth getting really inspired and excited about, it’s a really intense thing. And you get inspired from traveling the world so when you get home you can use these influences in your cooking. The blessing to travel the world and play music and try food from all over the world means that I’ll have some European fusion influence that I wouldn’t have had otherwise to cooking. So that’s exciting, for sure. Just to see what’s normal cause it’s totally different, the kind of stuff they eat out here than in the US. Today there was herring and salmon and a lot more than you’d find in the US. In the US there would be a waffle maker and some shitty muffins, corn flakes and it’s never that good. Something like this you get all these weird flavors to experiment with. Today I made a sandwich out of brie cheese, bacon and fish and peppers and it was really good.

Fish and bacon?

Yeah, I put the fish together with the bacon and it felt like it would work and it did work, it worked really well. It was delicious. Extra salty. Maybe that was an American influence that Europeans don’t do? You usually don’t put the bacon on fish and I actually don’t know much about people putting bacon on fish in the US but I went for it and it was good. Definitely.

What’s your favorite fruit?

I think Mango. My first word was banana, though. So that was my favorite fruit growing up.

Do you have a recipe you wanna share with us?

Yeah, I can tell you about the burgers that I make. I sometimes get bison meat, a buffalo burger. I make a patty out of it and I don’t season that, I cook it, usually with sometimes bacon and then some Gruyére cheese and then I take teriyaki sauce and I put it on kale and spinach in a pan and I sautée those greens together and then I put that on top, sometimes with avocado and garlic. Like chopped up garlic, caramelize it with the meat. Just throw that all on the burger and that’s really really good. With mayonaise or ketchup or relish or Dijon mustard. That’s a really tasty burger. Try it.

I’m kind of a meat specialist, I like cooking meat even though it’s not healthy and I wish I was a vegetarian but I just really like the taste of meat and I like how creative you can get with marinades.

That’s pretty much all I got, I think.

Well thanks for doing it, glad to get to do a food interview! It’s one of my favorite things for sure. I like duck too, I forgot to mention the duck.

You were going to London, right? You should check out Duck & Waffle. Their specialty is a waffle with duck on it.

Wow, that sounds great. Do you know about chicken waffles? In the US chicken waffles are really popular, it’s like a soul food – chicken and waffles, but duck and waffle, I’m in, I’ll look it up. I had duck on pizza once. I like duck in general. It’s a fun meat. I’ve never cooked with duck myself, which is weird. Once my sister made a Thanksgiving duck that she cooked in kosher wine, which was kind of cool, just like nasty sweet wine but it worked as an amazing marinade. She soaked it for a really long time and I think baked it, it came out like a bright purple duck and it was so sweet and tender and it was really really good. It was well done, it was Manischewitz duck.

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Veckans tips! 22:e – 28:e september

Avi Buffalo på Pustervik
Hej vänner, crowdfundingen är nu över och den blev mycket lyckad, drygt 26000 kronor fick vi ihop! Jag har slarvat med mina tips, men ska försöka styra upp lite tips titt som tätt och det här inlägget är väl främst för morgondagens spelning och att promota nästa veckas slow roll.

Tisdagen den 23:e september: Avi Buffalo + Fews, Pustervik, kl 19.00.

Avi Buffalos självbetitlade debutalbum är en sån där skiva som bara växt och växt under åren och nu har uppföljaren kommit, givetvis med skyhöga förväntningar från min sida. Och tro det eller ej så har de infriats, det saknas kanske en megahit som What’s it in for? (även om Think It’s Gonna Happen Again) är den låt som fått fem stjärnor i mitt iTunes än så länge. Jag såg honom en eftermiddag på den tiden då den tredje största scenen på Primavera var den största och det var redan då skitstort. Det gjorde sig sådär. Nu får vi istället en übermysig spelning i matsalen. Jag tippar på att det blir årets pophändelse i Götet. Ses där! FB.

Onsdagen den 24:e september: Mittwoch, Pustervik, kl 18.

Om jag inte hade tvätt-tid hade jag varit här och spelat lite skivor. Nästa gång! FB.

Torsdagen den 25:e september: Galagos bokmässefest med Mattias Alkberg/Södra Sverige, Pustervik, kl 20.

Varje år är det samma visa för mig, det årliga hummerfisket krockar med bokmässan och alla dess roliga fester. Hade jävligt gärna sett Matti i denna tappning, missade det ju även på Way out west. Nåväl, jag hoppas på en till Göteborgsspelning innan han gör ännu en helomvändning. Ni har väl läst allra första matintervjun jag gjorde, med just Matti? FB.

Måndagen den 29:e september: Slow Roll #2: Hildedal och Grimbo, samling Llama Lloyd (Väderkvarnsgatan 16) kl 18.30.

Ok, det är nästa vecka, men jag slänger ändå in tipset om nästa Slow Roll (vi kör alltså sista måndagen i varje månad). Denna gång kommer vi cykla till Hildedal och Grimbo, lite udda områden ännu en gång. Så kom förbi så slörullar vi! FB.

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Det här med #blogg100 går sådär…

Men ok, jag har fyra minuter på mig att komponera ”dagens” inlägg. Med det vill jag ger er några snabba tips:

Det verkar som Dirty Records har egenhändigt gjord mandelmassa i sina semlor. Det var mandelbitar i min i förmiddags.

Stadsmuseets utställning med flygfoton över Göteborg är finfin förutom att de har ytterst få foton över Hisingen.

Dallas Buyers Club går på Capitol ett tag till. Innan visningen hade de lagt in en slide där det stod KÄMPA SHOWAN! Jag älskar Capitol.

Om ni bryter er in på Stenpiren på natten för att fota – se till att inte trampa i cementen.

Avi Buffalo andra platta är den jag ser mest fram emot just nu. Han är tydligen trevlig säger en kamrat som träffade honom i Austin.