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Lucien Greaves loves kiwi!

Robin and Lucien Greaves at Way out west
Me and Lucien Greaves at Way Out West.

Robin: What’s your favorite fruit?
Lucien: That’s not an easy question. Today I’ll say kiwi. It’s almost like a mixture of many fruits. It’s somewhat banana-like, it’s somewhat other things-like.

What’s the latest movie you saw?
I almost don’t wanna say. I don’t wanna offend anybody, but I didn’t like: it was Midsummer.
Robin: It was actually one of the last movies I saw and I didn’t like it either. 
Lucien: Fuck, good!
Mattias (photographer): I thought you were gonna say ”The birth of a nation” or something.

What’s the best album that has been thought to have background playback saying something satanic?
I guess, for historical purposes, Judas Priest’s Stained Class. It’s the first that come to mind. It’s not really my favorite album by any means but I’m fascinated by the fact that it went to trial and they spent all this time dissecting whether or not there were background messages in these songs. All the while nobody was questioning whether even if there were, people would be able to reconstruct those, subconsciously, those messages, and then if they would be compelled to act upon them. I mean that’s a story that goes under-recognized for a ludicrous moment that was in the miscarriage of justice. That that even came to trial in that way and that that even had expert witnesses speaking upon this ludicrous idea without dissecting the nonexistent science behind it.

I totally missed the Judas Priest thing, can you bring us up to speed?
Judas Priest actually went to trial. There were these two high school kids in the 1980s who made a suicide pact together. The one died and the other did not die of the gunshot wound he inflicted upon himself. But it seriously disfigured him and permanently damaged him for the rest of his life. He’s dead now, he had a limited lifespan after that.

But the parents blame the music they were listening to, Judas Priest, in particular. And the claim was that there was backward masked messages in their songs that compelled somebody to commit suicide. And this made it all the way to trial and they had an expert witness talk about the power of subliminal messaging and the reality of backward masking music and they spent this time listening to Judas Priest’s songs backward in the court room to try to determine if there were these messages to compel these kids to kill themselves. It was ludicrous.

Do you remember what the message was that they said was from the Judas priests backwards music?
Oh, something like ”Kill yourself”, something pretty straight forward, so. But there were a lot of other factors in these kids lives, obviously. And that’s what makes it so insane that they would reach for something as obscure and unscientific as this explanation that they had.

Listen to Better by you, better than me by Judas Priest and try to listen to the subliminal ”Do it”.

Lucien Greaves is the co-founder of The Satanic Temple. I interviewed him at Way Out West where he was to promote the movie Hail Satan?

Hail Satan? is a documentary about modern Satanism, about the separation between Church and State in the ”Christian” United States. It’s my favorite documentary of the year. We’re watching it at Cult of Llama, if you wanna join the Cult come by the cafe and I’ll tell you all about it.

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Palle snackar mat! Intervju med Makthaverskan.

Makthaverskan Foto: Tobias Bauer

Jag intervjuade Palle i Makthaverskan om mat. Denna intervju publicerades i Fanzine #2 i april 2018, men dyker upp här i bloggen ett halvår senare. Enda sättet att köpa fanzinet är att prenumerera på

Vad är du sugen på just nu? (I matväg…)
Just nu är jag nog sugen på vegbullar och potatis med brunsås och lingonsylt.

Vad käkade du till frukost?
Jag åt gröt till frukost! Det var helt okej gott. Det är ju väldigt lätt att bli mätt på gröt, och det är ju en bra grej tänker jag.

Vad är din favoritfrukt?
Jag gillar nog clementiner mest. Såna små sura, svenska äpplen är goda också.

Odlar du nåt själv?
Jag odlar inget, men har en stackars basilikaplanta i mitt fönster som är i halvdant skick. Försöker vattna den i tid när jag kommer ihåg!

Har du nåt gött recept på en vegansk soppa eller bakverk som jag kan göra på kafé Llama Lloyd?
Kåtgryta. Jag vet inte om det egentligen finns en sådan rätt, men jag har gjort detta då jag försökt göra kålpudding, men istället för att ha satt in maten i ugnen har jag gjort det till en gryta med vegfärs, kål, morötter och grädde. Man kan ju säkert byta ut grädden till något veganskt alternativ, tänker jag. Jag tror det är goast med potatis till kålgrytan. Lingon är gött också!

Makthaverskan på Spotify.

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Tyra i Dolores Haze har ett bra bakistips: mjölk!

Dolores Haze. Foto: CG Von Platen

Det var länge sedan nu, men här kommer en ny matintervju, denna gång med Dolores Hazes gitarrist Tyra Hasselrot aka Groovy Fuck. Enjoy!

När du är full of booze. Vilken sort? (Reaching Placebo)

När det gäller drinkar är det oftast Lucky Lollo som får göra dom, hon gör bl.a en jättegod med Likör 43, kaffe och grädde. Annars brukar vi mest dricka Grängesbergs på Dovas, Hornsgatan.

Dricker du mjölk? (Milk)

Det gör jag! Ett stort glas kall mjölk är typ mitt bästa bakistips, faktiskt! Det är också bra om man är på festival eller turné och är lite rädd för att få skörbjugg eller så…

Odlar du nåt själv? (Garden)

Jag har tyvärr aldrig riktigt odlat nåt. Förutom sån där krasse man odlade i gamla mjölkkartonger som man fick med happy meal när man var liten? Men på somrarna brukar jag i alla fall sno blommor i kolonilotter och göra vackra arrangemang i mitt sovrum.

Vad är din favoritfrukt?

Det var äpple tills vi fick reda på att Bill Kaulitz i Tokio hotel är allergisk mot äpplen, så nu bojkottar vi dom.

Har du nåt gött recept?

Jag och Groovy Nickz brukar alltid laga en maträtt som heter Gegga när vi är i studion! Det är både veganskt och jättelätt att laga. Så här gör man:

Öppna en burk med burkmajs.
Häll över en burk krossade tomater i burkmajsburken (man kan ta krossade tomater med basilikasmak om man känner sig lyxig).
Häll i ICA Basic-oliver.
Ät med sked.

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Galia and Carim from Psapp share everything, including placentas and half-sucked sweets.

Do you know the band Psapp? It’s a duo consisting of Galia Durant and Carim Clasmann from England and you’ve probably heard their theme music for Grey’s Anatomy. We emailed them both and asked some questions about food, with the questions inspired by some of their lyrics. Galia is also the excellent illustrator who made our logo! Check out her stuff here:

A few Psapp tracks, far from all are on Spotify.

Are you feeling peckish?
Carim: No, not right now, I’ve just had some sandwiches.
Galia: Yes! Always. I bet Carim would eat some cake if you offered it to him. He also made a very profound observation which is that you always have room for icecream however full up you are. It’s true — I have never turned down icecream, that would just be madness.

If so, for what?
Galia: I would really like some very smelly cheese on some delicious chewy bread with some chutney and a glass of chocolate milk. And some icecream obviously. Basically just a dairy binge.

You got a song called Everybody wants to be a cat. Do you have cats yourselves? If so, what do you feed them? Mice and canaries?
Carim: Yes, I’ve got a cat called Marbles. I feed her dry and wet food but she tops up her diet with mice and birds. I’ve got a video of her eating a rat in the kitchen — do you want a copy?
Galia: Yes, two tabbies called Badger and Button. They bring in baby rats sometimes and once they’re dead, they try and pretend they’re still alive by throwing them around the room with their paws. It’s horrible to watch but oddly compelling.

Have you ever seen a slug eat a chip?
Carim: No, not yet but I’ll try to tempt some slugs in the garden next time I’ve got some chips. This is a scientific study long overdue.
Galia: The song that the slug eating a chip lyric came from is by David Shrigley from his Worried Noodles compilation — so we can’t quite take credit for it… At the time we recorded the track, we did discuss slugs eating chips. It’s rather improbable as if slugs come in contact with salt then they dissolve.. I just googled slug and salt and found this.

Being Londoners, do you often eat fish & chips?
Carim: Maybe once a year. I know only three places where you can get nice fish & chips: Faulkners on Kingsland Rd., a place on Farringdon Rd. near Mount Pleasant and The Rock and Sole Plaice near Covent Garden.
Galia: Toffs of Muswell Hill is good… I eat fish and chips quite a lot, with big fat sour gherkins and lots of lemon juice but the portions are so massive that even I (a real piggy) can’t finish all my chips. London is very varied in food quality and you have to be careful where you get your fish and chips from as sometimes you end up with soggy precut chips and a cruddy piece of frozen fish with orange breadcrumbs all over it. Be warned, visitors…

What does victory taste like?
Carim: Victory tastes of meat! Arrrgggh!
Galia: Yep, something very bloody and red, maybe a ribeye steak which is just cooked for 30 seconds on each side — is that too specific? I think a big phallic salami might be a victorious flavour too.

Do you bake bread and make milk?
Carim: I’ve only baked pitta bread and pizza dough which is not quite the same as baking bread but I’m quite intrigued by the process of turning flour, water and yeast into solid bread. maybe I’ll start after the next album. I can’t produce milk myself but Galia has donated some of her breast milk for a cup of tea of mine.
Galia: Since I have just had another baby I have new supplies so I am thinking of branching out into breastmilk icecream which is meant to be very nice. I love baking bread — I love the smell and the cosiness of home cooked bread. Carim and i have experimented a little with different yeasts – in Germany it’s much easier to buy fresh yeast and it really makes a difference to the end product — bread made with dried yeast never seems to rise as much.

Have you ever lived on a farm?
Carim: I do actually live on a farm, when I’m not in London making music with Galia. I always used to live in cities so I fancied to do something completely different for a change and now live in the sticks. It’s great fun but I can’t have any chickens, llamas or lambs as I’m away too often and they need daily attention. 
Galia: Only when I visit Carim. We drank some fresh warm milk last time I was over, it tastes very different to the pasturised homogenised stuff you get in the supermarket — more cow-like.

What do you buy tinned?
Carim: Chickpeas, bamboo shoots, kidney beans and sweetcorn but I also have dried chickpeas and dried kidney beans in the basement so does that count?
Galia: My grandpa was a bit of a gastro-adventurer and loved collecting odd tinned things — the best thing in his cellar was a tin of ants in chocolate but i don’t remember them ever being consumed… Perhaps they’re still there…

Do you have a grocery list in your pocket now?
Carim: Nope, it’s sticking to the fridge.
Galia: I did up until about minutes ago when i gave it to my chap as he’s off to the shops to buy onions and smelly cheese. I really, really want smelly cheese.

Is the dad in ”Dad’s Breakdown” your dad?
Carim: No, but I do call him dad to amuse him.
Galia: He is my dad in real life, and I think he feels a certain paternal affection for Carim, who is almost a relative.

What did your parents make you for breakfast at weekends growing up?
Carim: I really can’t remember. An early sign of Alzheimer’s I suppose.
Galia: My dad used to buy the croissant pastry you get in tins in the cooler section at the supermarket and then would make a big deal about assembling and baking them — it was a real ritual…

Would you eat a half-sucked sweet?
Carim: Sure, if it’s Galia’s.
Galia: Thanks babes! We like to set each other dares to eat or drink stuff that is rotten or mouldy or just disgusting, I would give some examples but they’re probably too horrible to publicise. Last week we ate the placenta from the baby — my chap made it into a chilli and we have kept a bit for Carim in the freezer when we see him next. It actually tastes quite nice although it is strange eating your own meat…

What’s your favorite fruit?
Carim: Fruit salad, why just have one fruit when you can have all of them at the same time?
Galia: That’s cheating but I AGREE. Also, we have been growing strawberries in our garden and when they are picked fresh and still warm from the sun, it’s hard to beat them.

I heard you’re working on a new album. How’s that coming along and is there any food that gives you that extra boost to create?
Carim: It’s coming along nicely, supported by a strict diet of too much cake and PG Tips [tea].
Galia: Carim and I have a very good symbiotic relationship where I obsessively bake cake and he eats unbelievable amounts of it. At our last session we ate loads of cheap chocolate and crisps. I do like the extremes of good food and crappy processed rubbish — there’s a place in my heart for both.

Have you got a recipe you’d like to share with us? Maybe a soup or a cake?
Carim: I don’t bake cakes as I know too many great cake baking people feeding me but as for soups: make your own stock:
It’s amazing to witness leftover bones and veg being transformed into fresh stock. Especially chicken stock tastes delicious but I also make lamb stock and a mixed stock which I use for sauces. At least once a month I take all the bones and veg cuttings out of the freezer and first roast or fry and then boil them for half a day, let it all sit overnight and then boil it up again the next day and finish it off. My freezer is usually full of bones but no human ones as I don’t think they’ll develop a good flavour.
Galia: This is a recipe from loveable fat-tongued Essex boy Jamie Oliver — a celebrity chef in the UK. These brownies are the best brownies ever, and really easy to make. The sour cherries cut through the fatty sweetness of the brownie in a really good way. If Carim is cross with me, I can usually be guaranteed forgiveness if i knock some of these up. Try it with any angry person in your life.

xx Gal and Carim xx
Psapp on Spotify.
Domino Artists: Psapp.

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Kafferep #1: Mire Kay

Vi besökte Mire Kay i deras studio när de spelade in sin debutskiva. Här får ni höra ett smakprov som än så länge går under arbetsnamnet ”Jazzlåten”. Och så frågade vi ju lite om mat naturligtvis!

Mire Kay består av Victoria Skoglund och Emelie Molin, som tidigare spelade i bandet Audrey. De släppte en EP förra året och i höst är det alltså dags för fullängdaren. Pepp!
Mire Kay på Spotify

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Fruit Bats loves food! And gives us a recipe for a chili!

Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats

Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats
On Friday the lovely Fruit Bats play our town’s best venue, Truckstop Alaska (only 100 SEK! Facebook). We got a hold of their frontman Eric D. Johnson and he gave us these lovely answers to our foodie questions! English? Why? Check the bottom!

If you don’t know Fruit Bats, they’ve been around for ten years, play folky pop and have released their fifth album, Tripper, on Sub pop this year. At the moment it’s on #19 in my Albums of the year. Why not listen to the single You’re Too Weird while you read the interview?

Fruit Bats – You’re Too Weird.

Right now, what do you feel like stuffing your mouth full of?
The one thing I consistently crave is spicy, spicy Asian soup – preferably Tom Yum or Tokyo-style Ramen, but any spicy noodle soup will do! Second choices being Middle Eastern food or Mexican food.

As you’re called Fruit Bats, I gotta ask; what’s your favorite fruit?
Definitely passion fruit, with mango being a close second choice. Most kinds of berries as well.

Do you like seaweed in your Thai? Or do you think it serves a better purpose between bloody teeth and smooth stones?
I love seaweed in my aforementioned spicy soups (especially my homemade miso noodle soup) better than teeth or smooth stones.

Do you sleep on a bed of mustard seeds?
Usually not, if I can help it. That sounds uncomfortable.

Spiders and snakes often pop up in your lyrics, have you ever eaten any of these?
I tried rattlesnake once, in Texas, of course. But never spiders. However, I’ve eaten alligator, crocodile, jellyfish, and kangaroo.

What does your rider look like, is there any food on there, or only alcohol?
Definitely food! Good cheese and bread is a must, as well as exotic fruits. Our rider food tonight in Malmö was most excellent (very good fresh made bread, Havarti cheese, goat cheese spread with beets, salami, very nice). But of course beer (micro-brews or local ales preferred) and white and red wine. We like to eat and drink.

If you’re inviting someone over for dinner, what do you make them?
It depends on the amount of people. If it’s a large group, I have a chili that I enjoy making (vegetarian or bison, depending on the group). If it’s a smaller group, I usually do a tapas-style spread or Mediterranean type foods, hummus, baba ghanouj, feta, olives, pita, pilaf.

Did you have a time to celebrate Thanksgiving before you crossed the pond to tour Europe? Also, what’s your favorite part of all the goodies?
No! We left the day before Thanksgiving, and sadly had to miss it. It’s my favorite Holiday, because the only real point of it is to eat. I enjoy the stuffing and potatoes best, but it the turkey is done properly (juicy and not overcooked) the whole thing can be pretty fantastic.

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share with us?
Sure! Here is my chili recipe (the vegetarian version, but you can easily add meat by browning beforehand with the onions and peppers.) If you can’t find the ingredients here, you can approximate with what is around! Make it as spicy or not spicy as you like.

2-4 cloves of garlic
1 large white or yellow onion
1 large bell pepper, or several chili-type peppers like poblano, anaheim or the like
16 ounces of prepared black or pinto beans
12 ounces of well roasted New Mexico green chilies (you can use bell peppers as well, roast them in the oven first)
8 ounces of corn, removed from the cob (canned corn works quite well also)
3 large cans of crushed tomatoes
8 ounces of vegetable broth
1/2 bottle of dark Scottish or Irish ale
several large dashes of crushed cumin
several large dashes of salt and pepper
several dashes of hot sauce like Tabasco, to taste
small dash of cayenne pepper
large cube of salted butter
fistful or finely chopped cilantro
2 bay leaves

On high heat, heat butter in the pan. Add onion until soft, followed by the garlic and bell pepper, cook until well soft. Add some of the cumin, salt and pepper. Add the rest of the ingredients except cilantro, bring to a low boil. Add more salt, pepper and cumin (to taste) and turn down to simmer. Simmer for several hours. Add cilantro before serving, or use as garnish. Add extra broth or a bit of water if it is too thick.

Serve in a soup bowl garnished with chopped raw onion, grated English cheddar cheese and sour cream. Serve with rice, macaroni, or tortillas. Wash down with Mexican beer and lime. Eat outside in bare feet if weather allows. Tastes even better after sitting in the refrigerator for a day or two and then reheated.

English-Swinglish! This site is in Swedish, but on occasion, when we interview people in English, the interview won’t be lost in translation. It’s so more people can read it and enjoy some cooking!