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Jens Lekman’s vegan pancakes and 3 new songs!

I heard that Jens Lekman was a fan of the ”Citizen Kane of bad movies” too so I asked if he wanted to come play at the screening of The Room I’m setting up together with Bio Roy on the 12th of September but unfortunately he was busy working on new material. However he did give me the recipe for those vegan pancakes he sings about in I saw her in the anti-war demonstration! And today he posted a new mix with three new songs: WWJD, What’s that perfume that you wear? and I remember. Enjoy!

2,5 deciliter flour
2 tea spoons baking soda
1 banana
appx 3 dl soy milk
1 table spoon vanilla sugar
fruit to garnish.

Mix everything, fry in butter, make them a little thicker, like American pancakes. When they bubble on top it’s time to turn them around.