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Slothrust’s Leah wouldn’t eat a sloth, but invites everybody on Burger Records for a keg party!


A friend of mine, Ola, turned me on to a new band called Slothrust a few months ago, I loved their single Crockpot and now Ba Da Bing Records have released their label debut, Of Course You Do. I sent some foodie questions based on band leader Leah Wellbaum’s lyrics:

Hey Leah! What do you feel like eating right now?

Some dope steak with a tall glass of organic seltzer. 

Would you ever eat a sloth?

I don’t think I would. I considered this question carefully though. But I am pretty sure I would have to pass.

What’s your favorite type of juice?

I like that green juice that looks like vomit but tastes like fruit.

What food makes your stomach hurt?

Ugh, a lot of it unfortunately. It’s very unpredictable as well, I have a lot of stomach issues :(. It was way worse when I was a kid though!

What breakfast would go with a break-up?


What kind of candy is Eye candy, but tastes like shit?

Rock candy! Those lollipops look like beautiful crystals but generally they cut the roof of your mouth and taste super boring.

”I saw him once on stage with a snake”. Have you ever eaten Snake? King Khan told me he had eaten cobra once.

It’s actually ”I saw you onstage with a snake”, which refers to Britney Spears’s VMA performance in 2001. But now I kind of want to change it to ”I saw you onstage with a steak”. Because I have not ever eaten snake, but I have eaten steak. It’s real good.

Who would you invite to a Keg party?

You, obviously. And every other animal at the zoo. I’d also love it if every artist on Burger Records wanted to roll thru. We could BBQ and get down on some gr33n d3m0n.

Do you have a recipe you’d like to share with us?

I endorse every recipe mentioned in Amy Sedaris’s book, I Like You. She is a genius with a very refined palate.